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01 Mar

Review: FrugalFabulousFinds

Posted by Mitchell Weiss in Review

If you or someone you know has a student who is college bound, or trying to figure out what career is right for them, then this book is definitely something you want to check out. The book is divided into 7 sections, starting with budgeting (cash management, taxes, establishing credit) and ending with financial distress.

I am actually very surprised that our colleges and high schools do not require to read this book, or to take a course which would teach the concepts of personal finance. So many people today, myself included, find that they are surrounded by debt. Maybe it would be possible that debt could potentially be a thing of the past for our children…that they would learn from our mistakes, and the teachings of the author of this book.

Life Happens is very organized, accompanied by colorful graphics, bold letters/sections and tips that are truly priceless. I am not ashamed to say that I learned quite a bit from this book…for example how loans, establishing credit and filing for bankruptcy works. I hope to use the tips, and steps in this book to help my family and even some future graduates in our extended family.

I would highly recommend everyone to take a closer look at what you truly now about personal finances...and read this book to help you figure it out along the way.

from FrugalFabulousFinds