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14 Mar

Review: Motherhood Moment

Posted by Mitchell Weiss in Review
Mitchell D. Weiss, a former lender, financial CEO, and now currently an adjunct professor of finance at the University of Hartford, has a unique perspective on the financial lives of young adults. His new ebook "LIFE HAPPENS: A Practical Guide to Personal Finance from College Through Career" is written from the viewpoint of a banker, financial services entrepreneur, consultant, professor, and parent of two college graduates. This gives him the experience to write accurate, relevant information, and also the perspective to write the book in straight talk geared directly towards young adults. 

Although the book is targeted towards those who are just starting out after college, it actually has a great deal of advice for anyone who needs a financial refresher. The book does an excellent job of both defining and explaining issues that come up financially, and giving advice for the best ways to manage money. Plus, since it's in ebook form, it's easy to store and easy to load onto laptops, smartphones, etc.